5 in 5: Anjali Chainani, Philadelphia’s Director of Policy

Results for America Fellowship Alumni give five answers in five minutes. This month, we caught up with Anjali Chainani, Director of Policy for the City of Philadelphia, PA.

  1. Summarize what you do and how you do it.
    In my role as Director of Policy in the Mayor’s Office, I lead a team that centers the practical use of data and evidence, to identify ways to measure our success within local government, improve program outcomes, test new solutions, and identify what works.

Extra Question: How is the City of Philadelphia adapting its work in response to COVID-19 and urgent calls for racial equity?
We are prioritizing racial equity through our Mayoral Executive Order 1–20. Our goal is to create a city where race is not a determinant of success, and diversity is elevated as one of Philadelphia’s greatest assets. In response to COVID-19, we are disaggregating important data by race to ensure our efforts are informed using an equity lens. Our Administration is committed to ensuring equity is a part of our process, and visible in our outcomes.

Interested in learning more about Philadelphia, PA’s work? Read the January 5, 2018 case study on Philadelphia’s development of a citywide evaluation model to increase the use and impact of city programs and services.

Anjali Chainani participated in Results for America’s Local Government Fellowship.



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